EP11 Future Unrest and Statues

In this episode we interview long time organizer Dwayne Dixon out of North Carolina. Dwayne is an anthropology professor at UNC Chapel Hill and has been active in the efforts there to remove the confederate Silent Sam statue from the universities campus. During our discussion we talk about confederate statue removal and dive into a discussion bout the viral podcast, “It Could Happen Here” and share our thoughts and critiques of its arguments.
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  1. Confederate statues should be contextualized, not torn down in an Orwellian/Stalinist attempt to erase history. If we judge all historical figures by today’s pc standards, do we then tear down statues of the Tuskegee Airmen or of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King because they weren’t for same-sex marriage, or for gay and trans-gender rights?


    1. I’d have to disagree. First of all those statues and the faux symbolism behind it is literal erasure of indisputable historical fact. If they are not removed from public spaces and not given proper context, it nothing more than a distorted symbol of white supremacy and should be torn down. I’d be fine with them being removed to museums with context about what they were meant to represent as a physical manifestation of the lost cause myth and southerners absolving themselves from a genocidal institution.

      To your second point though there are plenty of problematic behind behind popular cultural icons, they do not represent an murderous institution that actually did not have large popular support through out much of of the industrializing nations at that time. Also, thinking being gay is a sin is a great deal different mobilizing people to enslave folks and murder them with impunity. Comparing King to


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