The Short:

Red Strings & Maroons is a podcast about firearms, community defense, and its history. Financial support is what keeps the podcast running in the long term. The project does this through Patreon

Becoming a patreon supporter will give you access to the following:

  1. Historical Profile Series (Bi-Weekly): posts on different historical figures of community defense with resources and pictures attached.
  2. Blog posts on subjects outside of the podcasts focus, such as homesteading and parenting.
  3. Vlog posts of gun matches, drills, tips, etc.
  4. Early streaming access to all episodes.
  5. Priority messaging with the host through patreon and social media platforms.
  6. Access to discount codes from the shows sponsors.


The Long: Ok yall, we all know that American Gun culture is a toxic reactionary hellhole that’s difficult to stomach for a lot of marginalized communities, let alone navigate effectively to gain skills. I know that I would not have been able to stick with it over the years without the countless volumes of information given to me and translated by my organizing friends involved in liberation politics. Unfortunately, alienation is a major factor keeping folks from learning defensive skills for their own lives and their communities. Gun culture also  under represents folks from LGBTQ, indigenous, and black and brown communities. RS&M has a commitment to make sure those voices are well represented in the podcast. Lots of folks in our milieu don’t have people they’re safe to be around to teach them the world of defensive skills. This podcast is an attempt to overcome some of that.

I want yall who have experience to think back to who helped you traMutual Aidnslate the world of firearms when you first dipped your toe into the community and what was most helpful to you around the start. I’ve tried to reflect deeply on this myself and have come to a place where I desire to come alongside as many people as possible to help them gain skills and knowledge. I want to increase accessibility, normalize responsible firearm praxis in terms of self and community defense, and hopefully inspire others that are on the edge to take the plunge into a defensive mindset instead of walking away because of the girth of reactionaries in the culture flow. The Red Strings and Maroons podcast is the practical application of that desire. The podcast will cover a multitude of practical firearm matters and take listeners along in my journey as an not-super-experienced shooter to improve my skills and understanding. I feel that watching someone that isn’t an “operator” fumble through the learning process helps people overcome the initial reprehension about trying new things and allows folks to embrace their lack of knowledge with inquisition rather than distancing themselves. I dont claim to be an expert and never will. There are people with a lifetimes more experience than I whose knowledge I hope to lean on and translate to audiences their information doesn’t typically reach.

Red Strings and Maroons will also be a podcast that covers the history of armed movements or armed historical events where the broader community defended themselves. The title “Red Strings and Maroons” is itself a reference to such histories. Red Strings where militant anti-confederates in NC during the civil war and reconstruction. They started out as a secret society which spied on confederate movements, helped soldiers disaffect from the war effort through an underground network, conducted food raids on the confederate home guard, and much more. After the civil war, several of the Red String bands fought the KKK tooth and nail. The “Maroons” is a tip of the hat to the Dismal Swamp Maroon Colony in North Carolina and Virginia during the era of antebellum slavery. It was composed primarily of runaway slaves and indentured servants. Throughout their existence they conducted raids on the surrounding plantation society to supply themselves. They had no central government, were diverse racially and religiously, and communities within the dismal mutually supplied one another through common ownership of materials. These histories are largely hidden or forgotten these days. However, they have been deeply inspirational to myself and are thought provoking in how I think about and relate to firearms. I hope to teach others about these historical events and uncover more histories surrounding similar movements.

This podcast will take time and energy. I have some equipment to buy and hosting fees for the web-page/blog and the podcasting servers which store each episodes audio files.   So with that said here is the pitch – I have a patreon page in which folks can become monthly sustainers of the podcast. If I’m able to break even it enables me to expand the reach of this podcast and create more content. Becoming a sustainer also gives you exclusive access to the podcasts discord server. Originally I was going to make exclusive content for the patreon supporters, but as I recorded things and wrote out blogs and made videos I was compelled to make the material as accessible as possible. I am going to try and make it would out having a pay wall of any sort, but if I am unsuccessful at that I will have to restructure the patron. Check out the details here.

*Also* If you have a product that you make and would like to have me do a review or plug your project or the product itself on the podcast – please email me at with your inquiry!

If you would like to be on the podcast itself please click here.

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